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Re: 2018-20 Emerging Riders CQ game
« on: February 06, 2018, 16:55 »
*la Phounsavath & *th Chawchiangkuang aren't going to become grand pros, I think. Winning and placing in the Tour of Indonesia will most likely be the pinnacle of their careers (as winning San Juan will be the pinnacle of Najar's career - provided he even keeps that).

But missing *au Harper & *ke Kipkemboi might come back to haunt us - if only in the bragging rights game.

Indeed: I'm not saying that our lengthily named friends are going to be stars of the game, but in the recently finished 2015-17 edition, there were an average of >2.25 riders per team who got less than 100 points in the entire game.  Only 5 of 33 teams had no-one in that category.  So even if this pair score nothing more this side of 2021, they might prove to be better picks than at least one rider in your team, or mine, or any other (probably better than several of mine).
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