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Re: Womens 2018 General News and Discussion
« on: June 30, 2018, 09:21 »
Always an interesting proposition regardless of gender: how do you ride a Nats RR as a sole or near sole representative of your team when another team turns out almost a full complement of compatriots?

In the recent Belgian championships, for example, there were something like 19 starters for #vlaanderen and not so fewer #lotto but neither team was able to make a big impact on the final result. That has not always been the case, of course, and things can get very tactical as a result.

Numbers are not quite so skewed with smaller teams in the women's sport but the élite level counts in France where we have eight #futuroscope ladies with a massive numerical advantage over bigger but crucially isolated names (PFP, Cordon-Ragot, Labous, Biannic).

The answer for these individuals is, of course, to collaborate but as we know, alliances of mutual interest are not always easy to forge in a complex situation such as a one-day race.

With #experza this year, Séverine Eraud suggests that an attacking race would be necessary to break the stranglehold of #fdj but Cordon-Ragot's insight is more subtle: "I think this year, a lot more will be riding for themselves ... FDJ didn't get on the podium in the ITT, so that's a good sign ... I think we'll be able to play on that self-interest. We'll have to talk amongst ourselves and we'll sort something out." (FR)
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