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Re: Womens 2018 General News and Discussion
« on: July 11, 2018, 19:21 »
I went to the girorosa website to check out the stage profiles - only the last two have any serious climbs?!?! And only one each - although the penultimate stage is the Zoncolan and a mt-top finish. The next stage has some cat 1 mt - could not read the profile image - quality sucked. The climb is towards the end, followed by a descent to the finish. I'm rather surprised the route did not have more variation and challenge. And, that they saved the two big stages for last.

Anyway, Lukas, cool that you'll be there!

EDIT: (some time later) The news coverage said today's stage was "the first climbing stage". So I went and looked at the profiles again. And you know what? The profiles on the official site are so bad . . .  well, I missed it. So, official site is Another site is The profile there is not as pretty, but it is more accurate.
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