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Re: Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana
« on: January 31, 2018, 22:16 »
I think these results looks readable and makes sense now, so I post them *contador duty*

By the way, I nominate this for "most stereotypic spanish sprint stage of the year" - even if it is the first one:
  • wide road
  • straight road
  • flat plains
  • tv-break
  • twists and turns into town
  • medium technical finish

It ticks almost all boxes, doesn't it?[1]

Lotto-Jumbo wanted it and won it. The above description of the course would fit anywhere in *nl as well so they were on remote home turf!

As for #academy Enger (since the audience demands it) - they failed on positioning,  priori to the last curve, he was locked on the inside and couldn't really break out for a sprint.  I don't think there was much help for Sondre but to be fair most of the team's trains had been broken into individual carriages by then.

Positive performance by #cofidis Hofstaetter - I think that was the only decent leadout I saw, apart from the awesome #jumbo train - but van Poppel popped himself off the front, didn't he?

#noreplay so disclaimer regarding the high level of detail there.
 1. (Except Rojas in 3rd but he kinda stopped trying)
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