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Re: 2018 Spring Classics CQ game
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:22 »
About 3 days left to get your team in.

17 teams are in so far, with 71 riders selected, 29 of them just the once.  There are 6 riders on more than half the teams.

At 3000 points for 12 riders, the average spend is 250/rider.  One rider has been selected (only once) who takes up four times that average budget; two men costing more than thrice that have been picked, both multiple times; while of the four riders costing between 500 and 750 that have been chosen, two are on more than half the teams, and one is a unique pick.
Four teams so far have managed to fit in three of these budget-busters, and eight have two of them. Only one team at the moment that is egalitarian enough to have no-one above 500 points.
To make up for these riders, cheaper picks are necessary: 21 riders costing less than 100 points have been nominated, and three of them are on more than half the teams.

Applying last year's results in these races to this year's teams, the scores range from 1585 to 537; popularity ranking scores vary from 35% to 86% of the current Collective Wisdom team's score.
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