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Re: 2018 Spring Classics CQ game
« on: February 24, 2018, 14:24 »
Big spends

The defining choices for each team.  3000 points for 12 riders averages out at 250 points, so these are the riders costing more than twice that.

Gilbert: So 2017               
Colbrelli and Stybar: Laarsland               
Naesen and Vanmarcke: SemirS               
Alaphilippe, Felline and Vanmarcke: Kazistuta               
Alaphilippe, Vanmarcke and Stybar: Mellow Velo               
Alaphilippe and Lutsenko: B'bass               
Alaphilippe and Stybar: The Asian               
Alaphilippe alone: Del1962               
Degenkolb and Vanmarcke: Shalgo               
Moscon and Benoot: The Art               
Moscon, Felline and Stybar:   Search               
Moscon, Vanmarcke and Stybar:   Los Brolin, Rote Laterne            
Moscon and Vanmarcke: GPBlanco, Leadbelly            
Moscon and Stybar: DJW, Squire, Zaka fan         
Benoot and Stybar: Armchair Cyclist               
Benoot alone: Scrool07               
Felline, Theuns and Vanmarcke: Joelsim               
Felline, Vanmarcke and Stybar: Vladimir               
Felline and Vanmarcke: Comodoro               
De Buyst and Vanmarcke: DJSprtsch               
Theuns, Vanmarcke and Stybar: NairoQ               
Vanmarcke and Stybar: Amis Velo, Blues_in_the_Bottle, Hakkie, Madrazo, Russell23, ThePirate81
Vanmarcke alone: Chiron, DFA123, Fauniera, Froschi, NorthAmericanScum   
Barbier: Josedin               
Stybar: Nathanptz   
Salvarani is the only manager not to have broken the 500 point barrier, but his most expensive pick, Cort Nielsen, comes close at 480pts.
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