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Re: 2018 Spring Classics CQ game
« Reply #30 on: April 15, 2018, 21:46 »
Race 18 Amstel Gold

There were suggestions of what riders had been selected who  could still make a difference, and no-one suspected that the winner of the first race in our game still had this up his sleeve.

VALGREN ANDERSEN Michael   1st, 220 pts for Blues in the Bottle and Nathanptz
GASPAROTTO Enrico   3rd, 112pts for Armchair Cyclist, B'bass, DFA123, Hakkie, Madrazo, Search, The Art, The Asian and Trudgin*
ALAPHILIPPE Julian   7th, 66pts for B'bass, Del1962, Kazistuta, Mellow Velo, The Asian
VANENDERT Jelle   10th, 46pts for Scrool07
IMPEY Daryl   11th, 40 for Joelsim and Pirate81
GILBERT Philippe    13th, 30 for So 2017
MOLARD Rudy   15th, 24 for DJW and Scrool07
DE TIER Floris   16th, 21 for Chiron
GESINK Robert   28th, 8 for GPBlanco
and 7 five-pointers, 6 of whom are only on one or two teams each, and the other is the most popular pick, Vanmarcke

1   Blues_in_the_Bottle   225
2   Nathanptz   220
3   Bbass, The_Asian   178
5   DFA123, Hakkie, Madrazo   117
8   Armchair, Search, TheArt   112
11   Kazistuta, MellowVelo   71
13   Scrool07   70
14   Del1962   66
15   Joelsim, ThePirate81   45
17   So2017   30
18   Chiron   26
19   DJW   24
20   GPBlanco   13
21   DJSprtsch, SemirS, Vladimir   10
24   15 teams with a single five-pointer   5
39   Squire   0
   CollectiveWisdom   5
   Trudgin*   127

The eight teams with Gasparotto include those who were 2nd, 3rd and 4th this morning, While Nathanptz, who was 5th, was one of the two who has Valgren. Nathanptz rises to the top, while Madrazo and Hakkie maintain their podium places.  Russell, who has only Vanmarcke among today's finishers, slips to 4th.  Blues in the Bottle is the (7 place) riser of the day, and is into the top ten.

1   Nathanptz   2243
2   Madrazo   2205
3   Hakkie   2198
4   Russell23   2169
5   Armchair   2145
6   LosBrolin   2023
7   AmisVelo   2017
8   Laarsland   1993
9   RoteLaterne   1966
10   Blues_in_the_Bottle   1870
11   DFA123   1863
12   The_Asian   1854
13   GPBlanco   1777
14   Zaka_fan   1750
15   Leadbelly   1695
15   Shalgo   1695
17   DJW   1674
18   So2017   1669
19   ThePirate81   1646
20   Squire   1507
21   TheArt   1477
22   Scrool07   1467
23   Vladimir   1372
24   Froschi   1367
25   MellowVelo   1328
26   Bbass   1233
27   NorthAmericanScum   1197
28   Comodoro   1176
29   Fauniera   1142
30   Search   1087
31   Salvarani   1082
32   NairoQ   1071
33   Chiron   1057
34   SemirS   1028
35   Del1962   1004
36   Josedin   978
37   Kazistuta   928
38   Joelsim   875
39   DJSprtsch   717
   CollectiveWisdom   2119
   Trudgin   691

I suspect that 4 teams are still in with a decent shout, and 2 others will at least be close to the podium.

The Asian, with both Alaphilippe (a unique pick) and Gasparotto, could yet make a late surge, but I reckon he would need him to win one of the two remaining races, and be top 5 in the other, to have a real chance.  Nathanptz will be pleased that Valgren is down to ride in both Ardennes races, but hasn't got great history in either (although 14th in L-B-L 2 years ago will give him some hope).  The 4 riders in Hakkie's team that he does not share with Madrazo will not give him much hope for catching him, but I doubt their opposite numbers will extend Madrazo's advantage either: the fate of these two teams lies in Gasparotto, and the dream of him repeating his 2016 campaign (although a much more modest set of results would suffice to catch Nathanptz: a top ten in either race could suffice if Valgren does not feature again.  Armchair Cyclist retains 2 irons in the fire, and if Benoot can achieve the aims I have described for Gasparotto, I will be in the same, Gasparotto dependent, boat as Madrazo and Hakkie, and if he gets top 10 in his debut in both races, I will be up with Nathan (if Valgren lets him down).

In short: Nathanptz will hope Valgren can consolidate his lead, a real star performance from Alaphilippe could win it for the Asian, and while Madrazo's hopes lie with Gasparotto,  Armchair Cyclist will look to him and also to Benoot.  Podium chances remain for Hakkie, who will want to see Madrazo do as well as possible, and Russell23, who will be cheering for any and all of the remaining 171 riders in each race.

And the final order could still be decided by those finishing much further down the field and how many five point finishers each team can muster.

We'll gather again on Wednesday to see how much mud has cleared after the Arrow has been fired.
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