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Re: The very unoffical 2018 winter olympics thread
« on: February 13, 2018, 02:17 »
Watching the women's half-pipe right now. Maybe I'm just getting too old, or maybe it's the lighting and the camera angles, but the athletes all look to me as if they're only 12 to 15-years-old. 

I also don't understand why I haven't seen any national colors being worn by any of the snowboarders across various events. What's the deal with that? I suppose the same could be said for figure skating too, but I don't understand it in the context of what the Olympics are supposed to be. It gets even more confusing when you have American athletes who are of Asian descent. I've no idea which country is being represented by sight alone.

Not that it really matters all that much, I just find it curious.

[File this one under: Things I Couldn't Post on an American Forum Without Facing Political Correctness Backlash]
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