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Re: The very unoffical 2018 winter olympics thread
« on: February 15, 2018, 21:24 »
HArd to find time to watch cycling: 3-2-1 today for *no,  thabest day in Olympics ever.
3 gold medals:    men's downhill skiing (Svindal), womens 10 km X-C skiing (Haga), men's 20 km biathlon (Thingnæs Bø)
2 silver medals:   men's downhill skiing (Jansrud), women's giant slalom (Mowinckel) 
1 bronze:  (Bjørgen)

This includes Norway's first ever downhill win in the olympics, and the best result for a woman in alpine skiing in  ... 82 years!

And then, to come back to cycling related perspective: former #joker cyclist Reidar Borgersen's family business that produce tailor-made speed suits have been used for winning at least 3 medals today (all *no alpine skiers) + 1 for Sverre Lunde Pedersen in speed skating.

That puts team Sky's suits into perspective :) 

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