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Re: The very unoffical 2018 winter olympics thread
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:37 »
not bad, Miss Ledecká, not bad...  :cool

Afraid of Stina today, T-72, or are you confident that Haga will be able decide the race in the 3rd leg?

Sorry for being late, but I was more afraid of Charlotte Kalla. The 2nd leg was obviously the most unbalanced one today. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen is actually a personal favorite of mine, but she just recently recovered from illness and did not have a good day, trying to follow the Russian girl but suddenly collapsing on the second lap.
No offense to Stina, she is also a very good skier with a lethal sprint but Marit Bjørgen is also a formidable athlete, so the final stage could always (up to 50m from the line) go either way, it was very well balanced.

With a resurgent Kalla and Johaug out of the equation, women’s x-c races are much more interesting to watch. Norwegians love this kind of finish. Maybe that’s why all our best cyclists are sprinters :)

Anyway it was one of the best races in a long time!
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