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Re: Milano - Sanremo 2018
« on: March 13, 2018, 21:03 »
 :D These news doesn't surprise me.
#cofidis Bouhanni looked positively annoyed every time the camera caught a glimpse of him in the Paris-Nice. It was very difficult to understand that body language, if you still haven't managed to figure out when a 5-year old is upset.
On the positive side, #cofidis Christophe Laporte has been riding very well this spring, winning stages in the Besseges and Provence, 3rd and 6th in Paris-Nice stages. While I don't think he matches Bouhanni (the  sunny-side up version) on a stage-race boulevard sprint, after 290 km, the Cypressa and the Poggio it's not a given which one of them has the best legs to sprint with. Both made it to the Via Roma in the 50-amn group behind Alaphilippe, Sagan and Kwiatkowski last year, and Bouhanni finished 8th.
In case of doubt I would choose the one that doesn't portray an image of the team as bad loosers that can't control their tempers.  :-x

In other news, Sagan is reportedly still upset about Kwiatkowski stealing the victory last year - and Kwiatkowski replied "to win you sometimes have to be the smartest". This will be fun  :P

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