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Re: Ardennes Classics
« on: April 15, 2018, 23:32 »
Valgren did a beautiful job, as did Fulgsang. Sagan let Valgren go - he was on the front and just watched. Kirby and whomever was with him were speculating that this might be "old-team" payback - or pay forward on the part of Sagan. I would guess Sagan was determined not to drag anybody up along with him. It was pretty obvious Sagan was playing cat and mouse - which means others were as well.

I think Sagan should have closed it, and not been afraid to do so - as it turned out, he was the best of the rest - but only just barely. So maybe Sagan knew how much his legs had left this day, and knew he couldn't bridge AND win. I don't think he could have gapped Valverde, and if he brought him with? Who knows - Sagan knows, and he won't tell us the whole story. I'm pretty sure Sagan had the legs to change the outcome, just not necessarily in his favor.
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