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Re: Ardennes Classics
« on: April 16, 2018, 13:16 »
yep I agree - Sagan couldnt close it (and still win).  Closing it would have meant that Valverde or Alaphilippe would have come over him at the end.

He wanted someone else to close it so he had something - anything - left for the sprint.   Problem was everyone else was pretty empty as well ... so away they went.

Great race by Valgren.  Good decisions on when to spent his efforts.

I notice Bora's DS (Zemke) was putting some blame on the rest of the team for not having somebody up there to support Peter at the end. Pressure time in the team bus. If they HAD managed that, AND if they then played their cards as smartly as Astana did, things might have changed. But thats a big 'what-if'. 
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