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Re: Ardennes Classics
« on: April 16, 2018, 15:29 »
Another fail for after-you-no-after-you racing as the underdogs got away for the win. Crap day for the big names but so many top teams (#sky, #uae, #ag2r, #bmc and #sunweb) were all but absent from the results sheet.

Yes well put

Credit to Valgren and his podium colleagues but as a viewer, (and were it not for some tangled logistics potentially a roadside watcher) yesterday I thought it really stank.  Yet another race where the star turns neutralized themselves so as to mitigate the risk of a competitor winning.  I get that Sagan probably mentally played the odds; and having done so he was characteristically 'tooting' on his bidon as Carlton likes to term it, as the breakaway sprinted for the line; and still beat the rest!!

But the peloton is missing a death or glory; forlorn hope kind of guy who will never just ride in; regardless of the situation and will always value a few wins over a hat full of unremarkable top 10's in illustrious company.  Or perhaps the enmity between certain riders is just so acute at the moment that they are paralysed by fear of creating opportunities for the others to succeeed. 

Whatever  - I don't go to gigs to see the support band stay on stage in lieu of the headliners...
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