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Re: 2018 Giro CQ Game
« on: May 03, 2018, 08:47 »
Just over 24 hours before the race starts and the game closes.

22 teams in so far, with 49 of the 176 riders named, 19 of them as unique picks.  There is one rider on a very high proportion of teams, 3 others on more than half the teams, and to be among the most popular 8, a rider would need at least 7 picks thus far.
One team has the most popular team possible within the budget, while another has a popularity ranking just 44% of that.  4 riders costing 800pts or more have been chosen, while 9 men costing fewer than 100 points have been considered worth including.

Don't forget that the race starts, rather inconveniently for those trying to run a game based on it, on a Friday morning.  24 hours to get your teams in.
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