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Re: Giro Time Trials (Stage 1 + 16)
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:06 »
So how did Stage 1 look?

I watched one of the official highlight videos but it ONLY showed the finish line. There was no sense of the course itself.
Anything interesting or unique about it?

And how was the turnout of fans?

looked alright to me. Not massive crowds, but they seemed to have a good time

I think the crowds were a bit disappointing, compared to the turnout at other grande partenzas, but then again what do you get by hosting a mass turnout events in the streets of a global hotspot for terrorism. If you planned to travel to Jerusalem for tourism, maybe you would want to avoid just that day?  (not saying there were any security problems at all, the Israeli police probably one of the strongest at fighting terrorism, without necessarily endorsing all their methods.. )
However, those that showed up (quite a few, after all), seemed to have a nice day. However, the day's winner when it comes to audience clearly was the Tour of Yorkshire.

RGS 0 - ASO 1

The course was hilly, but not steep and technical, with few long straight sections for the most aerodymic TT straight-line specialists (like #katusha Madz Würtz-Schmidt) to tuck in and pedal for high speed. To compare it to alpine skiing, a giant slalom where technical execution of a long string of turns and other obstacles matters a lot more than the straight line speed which is the key aspect of some of the downhill competitions.

I saw with my own eyes, just before my feet, last year in the Bergen ITT World Championship that Dumoulin (and perhaps even better: Roglic) executed a section with two linked hairpin turns much better than Froome, who was wobbling on the straight section between the turns, and entered the second one quite a bit on the inside, so he had to brake to get around it. That was something like 4 secs to Dumoulin on about 40 meters, and 2 turns. The difference was the same in Jerusalem. Dumoulin just rides better through difficult terrain.

In other words, I think they found one of Froome's weak spots. Time trials aren't just about kilometers...

Dumoulin went all in because he thinks he has to. #sunweb are probably not too happy about defending #rosa from day 1 so I expect them to lend it to #lotto Campenaerts or #bmc Dennis,  if they want it.

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