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Re: Eschborn - Frankfurt
« on: April 30, 2018, 16:46 »
They have the ten WT teams they're required to have to keep WT status (all ten are Velon teams, by the way) - and then they probably went for the cheaper option of filling the peloton with PCTs.

No problems with if the race satisfies WT requirements, more with "is this what the WT races ideally should be like"?
Or should there be a stronger 2-nd tier European-level circuit where this could be one of the top races?

I think the reason for me being critical is that if the best home riders (and Cottbus is quite close to home for one of them) are not participating, it is a hard sell to bring out the crowds. You know, those watching the race from the roadside that make the event a little bit larger than cycling itself? The people that come to watch because it is a big event going on, in their hometown?

Fast forward on the calendar to the weekend, and the Tour of Yorkshire is the prime example of what we could have more of. It really doesn't matter that it is not a WT race, it is one of the best on the calendar anyway, the way I see it. It's amazing what a few good local conti teams, a handful of pro-contis and two or three WT teams can provide in terms of engaging the crowds - 10 WT teams with riders the local audience don't know about will struggle to do that.

For a WT race to get people to the roadside, the best riders have to feature, and that has to include som local content. IMHO this points towards fewer and better races with larger prices for the winners plus a stronger 2nd tier  ("continental series") of races.

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