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Re: [WT] Tour of California
« on: May 13, 2018, 13:00 »
Two absolute pan flatters and a climbing stage which has the same finish as the men's stage 6. Not so many of the big teams are riding it as it overlaps with the much more interesting Emakumeen Bira

It's somewhat odd that they don't really spell it out anywhere on the website, besides the info in one of those videos. So it'll be the typical format of the women preceding the men on the same or similar course (for the last three days), and with the same finish line? It's just not clear to me.

OK, now I see a bit more. I was curious to see the race profiles, but it appears you have to go to each separate stage page, and then click the corresponding link on each page. Not the most efficient way to present that info. (These all seem to be pretty short stages.)

Women's stages profiles:

Stage 1 Thu, May 17
Elk Grove
Distance: 77.1 mi / 124 km
Start Time: 11:05 AM PST
Est. Finish: 2:25 PM PST

Stage 2 Fri, May 18
South Lake Tahoe
Distance: 67.1 mi / 108 km
Start Time: 11:00 AM PST
Est. Finish: 2:21 PM PST

Stage 3 Sat, May 19
Distance: 43.5 mi / 70 km
Start Time: 10:50 AM PST
Est. Finish: 12:42 PM PST

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