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Re: Giro 2018 - Stage 4: Catania › Caltagirone
« on: May 08, 2018, 23:40 »
OK, I recorded the stage and ... do you know what, they were riding so slow the finish wasn't included even if I have 20 minutes extra recording enabled by default.

Kudos to the cycling gods for answering my little Chuck Berry mock-up in honor of #fixall Tim Wellens, but I am a bit disappointed they did not understand I wanted him to go on a Tour of Poland style breakaway and win with minutes' advantage. Then again that is probably not possible unless you get Tour of Poland weather. However with so many GC riders expected to ride "boring" this race should have a modern day Walkoviak or Voeckler.
Not the best rider? Maybe, but the one that is most fun to watch and that is not so bad either is it?

PS while fast forwarding most of my recording due to late incoming bike[1]  I made a few random stops and watched a couple of kilometers. There was some action mid-stage, when #uae split the field on a climb but he gaps were consolidated first at the feed zone and the last group a couple of km later. The camera caught the moment when the dude in front got a phone call from the boss telling him "easy!  it is not straight to Rome from here we need to loop by Northern Italy is well. Perhaps going 100 km full speed is a tad optimistic....when the next rest day is hardly visible on the calendar yet. There are some classics tricks which should be used sparingly in grand tours.

As for the finish, I didn't see it - but reading the results, this is not #sky in prosecco mode. Something is wrong!
 1. (training ride in perfect weather after work <3 )
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