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Re: Tour of Norway
« on: May 16, 2018, 22:31 »
    The race
was live at TV2, yes, sorry for late reply but it is difficult to follow the forum discussion while I am at work.  :)

I just finished watching it and the last 17 km are well worth watching if you can get your hands on it.  The sprint itself is not a big surprise, but it is the extended hard racing leading into it with lots of train tactics that made it a really good stage.
One could see a lot of teams doing really good work to try to put their sprinter into position.  Some mentions:
  • #jumbo Amund Grøndahl Jansen, Timo Roosen, Paul Martens: Float like butterflies. Groenewegen: sting like a bee.
  • #ccc not so much the train but the shoulders of Alan Banaszek: he might do well in a hockey match, and his maneuvres in the fight for Groenewegens wheel probably made the rest of the race.
  • #gazprom  Porsev suddenly appeared from out of nowhere with high speed.  It seems he learned when to start sprints from Aleksander Kristoff, but not how to hold until the finish line.
  • #coop surprise conti squad resisting all the pushes and shoulders from the big teams, landing Trond Trondsen in a very good position. Finishing ahead of brutal Banaszek
  • #sky Halvorsen, like the rest of the field, wanted Groenewegen's wheel but was no match for Banaszsek and never got an opening to sprint for the win
  • #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen - was sitting very close to the last crash at 300 meters and luckily escaped with no time loss except bonus seconds.
  • #academy - one of their best races this year, but Holst Enger somehow ended up on Trond Trondsen's wheel instead of Groenewegen's and he would need to be on Groenewegen's wheel to win

If you see the sprint, there is absolutely no doubt that Groenewegen is by far the best sprinter here.

On the negative side there were a a few too many crashes, the course had some difficult corners with islands and signs that should have been removed or at least protected somehow - but it was a great stage, with sprint teams competing harder than at the Giro.  :)[/list]
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