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Re: Tour of Norway
« on: May 17, 2018, 07:32 »
A few short words about today's stage, from Hønefoss to Asker.

The race starts at 14:00 and finish is expected about 17:30. The stage starts in Hønefoss, also known as host town of the Ringerike GP / Sundvolden GP races earlier in the season,  and hometown for  both team Uno-x #unox and team Joker - Icopal #joker  - in other words, probably the Norwegian town with strongest culture for cycling as a sport.

The course loops south around the Tyrifjorden lake, down to the Drammen branch of the Oslo Fjord and then onto the Hurum peninsula. This is on the east side of the Drammen Fjord, the terrain from stage 1 is on the other side.

The course loosely follows the coastline of the peninsula as it loops around towards the north towards Asker (western part of the greater Oslo area although locals will probably object to that description...)

The route is hilly rather than flat and in sections along the coast the road is not that good, quite tight and with many curves. There are 2 classified category 3 climbs along the way. These go up to ~200 - 250 meters above sea level, so they are real climbs. There are also a few uncategorized climbs of more or less the same magnitude, and the finishing circuit in Asker offers a hill that needs to be climbed twice AFAIK (not that easy to see on the profile though...wonder if they missed it?)

This stage was stage 1 last year, and the results list probably gives a good idea about what kind of riders that are most likely to feature in the finish:

The finish is selective enough to maybe impact the final GC, but the comissars are not as keen on defining splits in this race as they are in many other races.  The previous stage had big gaps in the ST group as far as I could see.

The steep climb probably means #jumbo Groenewegen is not a competitor for today's stage win, and I am not sure if that means the team will race for someone else or just wait for tomorrow instead.

Favorites then...
*** = #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen
** = #academy Sondre Holst Enger or August Jensen, #virtu Aleksander Kamp
* =  some little green man #bardiani or other proconti rider I didn't realize was here yet....

Look out for:
#joker CF Hagen
#unox Anders Skaarseth
#coop Krister Hagen

and... *no *no *no  :D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Constitution_Day

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