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Re: Tour of Norway
« on: May 17, 2018, 21:00 »
#jumbo Boom, towing the field for a long time today,  caught #vlaanderen van Hecke,  who had been attacking up one of many small climbs along the route. Exactly what happened, isn't clear, but it seems Boom shouted some words to van Hecke indicating he was not pleased by such unneccesary attacks. According to Boom, van Hecke then breaked in front of him, forcing Boom to unclip to avoid falling.
Boom has a reputation for being a bit of a hothead, at least that's what we see when he's racing here in Norway. There have been arguments earlier, both with van Hecke and with #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen.
To be honest, I am not convinced van Hecke is entirely blameless in this as he muddled the incident in post race interviews.

OK, aside from the boxing match, did I tell you there was a bike race on today? Actually it mostly started after the punches. The mystery about the finishing circuit missing on the profile was finally made clear as it was cancelled due to shortage of security guards around the course. (The peloton almost made it one less on the way, as one of them ran for his life to hide in relative safety behind the sign he was supposed to warn about.)

In the uphill finish, #jumbo Groenewegen was dropped by a strong and determined leadout on behalf of the #academy Academy from August Jensen. On his rear wheel, Sondre Holst Enger kept going to and earned another 2nd. #virtu Kamp was also hanging around there. However, first to open the sprint, and looking strong, was #cajarural Alex Aranburu, but on his wheel was the experienced #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen, who knows that going to early on an uphill finish is rarely a good idea.

I think I forgot to mention that, it is not only Norway's birthday today. #didata Edvald Boasson Hagen gave himself the same present for his 31st anniversary as he got last year. I guess he kind of likes it, then  :D 

With the small split a bit down the list, plus bonus seconds for two second-place finishes, Sondre Holst Enger moves into the overall lead. However, he isn't really trying to win GC, he says, he would prefer a stage win. The Lillehammer stage may be too much for him even if he is (or at least used to be) one of the more climb-able sprinters. A couple of years back he was supposed to lead Odd Christian Eiking out on a cat 1 climb, mountain train style.  This was when they tried high-mountain stages, to Rjukan. At that time, with #iam (but on a national team in the race) - he continued to ride in front all the way across the mountain.
The Lillehammer stage features shorter, punchier and repeated climbs and maybe that is actually less favorable for the otherwise versatile Holst Enger.

The struggle between the conti squads is now, as expected, headed by #virtu with Aleksander Kamp, who seems at home on Norwegian terrain. So far #coop seems to be the better Norwegian squad - Trondsen reportedly lost time today because an asphyxiated Groenewegen threw his bike far back when standing up and bailing on the climb to the finish line, in the last curve. Trondsen was on his wheel and had to brake, which caused someone to ram into his rear wheel. Still finishing 10th after so much trouble is definetly approved.

Notably absent today was #joker Carl Fredrik Hagen, who finished in 26th position, but should not loose time on such a finish if he wanted to race for GC.  He is listed in the Trondsen group with 3 secs down, and again I think that is quite liberal calling of splits (in other words, not calling splits when it looks like one...).
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