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Giro d'Italia 2018: Can Kuba make it?
« on: May 10, 2018, 21:25 »
It isn't fair to say ths is one of the lighter sides of the Giro101. There is a fair bit of suffering involved, and a lot of struggle. I don't want to be taken for someone that bashes those who struggle to make the time cut on every stage that involves even just a moderate amount of climbing. On the contrary, I deeply sympathise with them ,and practice this on group rides as often as possible :lol

So, this thread is dedicated for sightings of #wilier Jakub "Kuba" Marezku and his team, and the main question is if he can actually make it into Rome. Currently, my thinking on that is "no way in hell" but then I am quite sure he would love to be there, cause he is actually one of the best sprinters in the race this year and he might just win that stage, if #quickstep Elia Vivian has a little fumble or something. The other question is...can he make it to the end of the current stage inside the time cut?

One thing that I appreciate about Kuba is that he has a team #wilier that really supports him. As evidenced by today's results list[1]

It is not like he is coming in alone with maybe one domestique suffering with him. They are all there for him, it is a quite unusual level of dedication! (Compare with how #trek leaves van Poppel at the back there, alone to die all on his own... :) )

Are there any clips posted online or similar, I would really like to see how they do it? Two riders holding chocolate bars in front of him and two broadcasting curses and threats directly from the teamcar behind him? Or do they all just sail along, getting free beer from the tifosi and having a good time on the final climb?

 1. (stage 6 to Etna, for those who read this later)
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    This reminds me of how #skil Kenny van Hummel fought valiantly in the mountains of the 2009 Tour to not be eliminated by the time limit and reach Paris. Kenny stayed in the race, as the lanterne rouge with a 45-minute gap to known non-climber Hutarovich, and was named "the worst climber in the history of the Tour" by a French newspaper.
    But on stage 17, he crashed on a descent (after being dropped 4 km into the stage) and had to abandon with a knee injury.[1] :(

    In 2012, he tried again, now with #vacansoleil ... and had to abandon on stage 15 due to a stomach bug and a back injury.[2] :(

    Dutch TV channel NOS regularly reported on Kenny's exploits (or lack of) in their evening highlights (in *nl):

    In this spirit, go Kuba! :cheer
     1. Kenny van Hummel forced to abandon the Tour de France
     2. Six more abandons as Tour peloton reduced to 156
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    Let's hope Wilier don't do a FDJ and have half their team expelled from the race for finishing OTL. Great team spirit though with all of them finishing together, including poor Edo Zardini with a broken collarbone :(
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    After the Etna stage #wilier held all of the bottom 6 (!) places on GC... Dedication indeed. I presume the DS is calculating the margins pretty finely and if it looks like the whole team will be eliminated then all but Kuba+1 will press on, but you never know.
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    Can Kuba make it? No
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