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Not that I dislike him. My family was given one of his bikes from last year's Giro win. By all accounts he's a really nice guy, but......
I am fascinated as to why you are so keen on Tom Dumoulin.
He follows wheels all day in the mountains and takes chunks of time in the ITTs.
Sounds familiar?

 Anyhow, presumably Chaves will take the next few days for respite, then look to get up the mountain road at every occasion.
That way he can snaffle up loads of KoM points for the jersey and be there on tap for the final climbs.

You mean, does he ride like Froome? Otherwise you lost me. AFAIC, Froome started acting like a jerk (I'd rather use something stronger, but can't here) back when he was lieutenant to Bradley. If he was a "nice guy", I probably would be cheering HIM on.

Dumoulin, first, was an unlikely dark horse, an underdog, and that usually appeals to me. Second, he isn't a climber - but he's hanging in there against climbers. And he's not a complete wheelsucker, either. He does attack, on occasion, even tho it seems a bit risky for him to do so.

But most importantly, he's always acted like a nice guy. He appreciates his team and the races. He even laughs at his own "sh*t happens" moments in life and racing. No complaining, no whinging, no tragic drama. He rides his own race, and doesn't look for other people (team or otherwise) to hold him up.

So, I've got my reasons. And now you know!

Yeah, the good side for Yates, and the down side for Dumoulin, is that this frees Chavez up to act for Yates - which means #mitchelton just got a little stronger.
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  • . . .He had the bit between his teeth, and he loiked the taste, mate . . .


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