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MV and MG, stop saying that Dumoulin is not a climber! He is one of the best climbers in the world, that is reasonably proven by winning the Giro last year, winning an uphill finish. To be fair that uphill finish was not on the top of Stelvio, but still it definetly was a finish for climbers. However, one can add, he also proved it by being the only winner of the giro to ride fast enough over the top of Stelvio twice in a day,  while taking time for a toilet break! If you can do that, you are a climber.

If a cyclist can ride faster than anyone else up Fløyen in the ITT world championship and "anyone else" includes Chris Froome and Primz Roglic - he is  a climber. 

The fact that a cyclist has a  larger advantage on the bunch in the indicvidual time trial, does not make the cyclist "not a climber". That goes for, amongst others active in today's gruppo - #sky Chris Froome and #bmc Rohan Dennis. Rohan is an absolutely awesome climber, especially at altitude.  I remember in the Tour of Colorado that he won - he could have been riding circles around all the other participants.   

Other riders on this list but not in this Giro would include #sky Geraint Thomas, #sunweb Wilco Kelderman, #trek Bob Jungels and #movistar Marc Soler. To get back to the giro theme, let's add Ryder Hesjedal. I also think #astana Superman Lopez should also be an addition here, but he needs to prove it in a GT: however, when he won the Tour de Suisse a few years back, his ITT was excellent. He was 2nd on the stage, and the guy in 3rd was a local guy named Cancellara.  :-x

These guys, that are good against the clock, are also climbers.

Winning the GC is about all round abilities and it is absolutely permitted to be more than a one-trick pony. The climber that can only take time on the mountain top finish stages should have very limited chances to win a grand tour, but it shouldn't be impossible.

As for riding style , my favorite just dropped out of the GC. #mitchelton Chaves was the one that could attack from waaaay down in the valley when the percorso was crossing the Agnello at 2800 meters above sea level. #rosa #mitchelton Simon Yates rides in the bunch until <1 km from the finish line and then he uses his sprinting kick, his best weapon. If he wins the Giro, it will be painful for #movistar - because Valverde is the most similar rider, and he has been better at this at least up to this date.

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