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From #bmc Nicolas Roche's stage report:

On a training spin in Laragh recently I stopped for coffee and was asked what it takes to get through days like today – so here we go: Eight hours’ sleep.

Two hours’ transfer in the bus. Six hours and five minutes on the bike. Four thousand metres of climbing. Average speed: 39kph. Maximum speed: 89kph. Average heart rate: 140bpm. Highest heart rate: 174bpm.

Normalised power for the day: 337 watts.

I burned 6,326 calories today and consumed five coffees; two bowls of porridge, a sprinkle of fruit and nuts; two slices of toast; one poached egg; one slice of ham; a sprinkle of cheese; a scrape of jam, a scoop of peanut butter, six half-litre bottles, five or six mini wraps (3 cream cheese and ham /2 banana and jam), two energy bars and a couple of healthy pancakes. By the way, that’s before dinner. Oh, and we’ve ten days done. Eleven days left!

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