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it could be a good finish for Yates indeed, but after yesterday's stage, I'm not so sure anymore any team is willing to spend more strength than absolutely necessary.

All the #mitchelton flatland domestiques were riding full out for Chaves yesterday, Wellens said he doesn't feel particularly well, so we can't expect much from #fixall Lotto either I guess, and what they call "team work" at #jumbo Lotto Jumbo seems to mean celebrating together at the finish, in case Battaglin finishes it off himself.

So it may come down to Astana. If they manage to get a strong guy into the breakaway for the Scarponi memorial stage, that's a done deal then I guess. If not, they will chase it down. But who knows... I wouldn't have expected yesterday's outcome either :D
Ding ding ding! We have a winner! At least, based on the results, it looks like you got this part right, too! I have yet to watch the stage broadcast - just finish clip. About what I expected from Yates, better than I expected from Tom. Notably nobody else there in the last km except those two.
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