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You know, I do have to say Yates' climbing performance to date has been nothing short of dominant. So far, he really looks like he could be the maglia rosa in Rome. And his confidence has been nothing short of cocky. Ok then!

I don't track results in my head, but it sure seems to me that we've been hearing plaudits for the Yate bros for some time now. And then we keep hearing they had a bad day, and ooops.

Who thinks that THIS Simon Yates is THE Simon Yates we can expect to see for the rest of the Giro, and in the future? Of course he can pull off the win on this Giro -- but is he a one-Giro man? Or is he a top level GC contender in the making?

I'm still rooting for Tom.  :D
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  • . . .He had the bit between his teeth, and he loiked the taste, mate . . .


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