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Yeah, well. This just goes to show that even the closest-knit relationships drift apart sometimes.

But I have other predictions to make:
Nicolai Brøchner #holowesko --> #riwal
He's said to be not entirely happy in the US outfit, and really only went there because they stepped up to ProConti. Now that his old team is doing that as well, I expect him to return.

Michael Carbel #fortuneo --> #riwal
Hasn't exactly had the most successful year with the Bretons, and now they've brought in Greipel. His old DS has signed with the Danish ProConti hopefuls, and there he'd probably be the designated sprinter no matter what.

Maybe it's not unlikely but would be really undeserved with at least fifteen other non-u23s that are way better. Those two are just not very good. Hope Riwal will sign the strong ex-Virtus because Kamp, Guldhammer, Weyhe, Kragh Andersen, Schultz have done way more than enough. Also Quaade, Bak Klaris and a couple more.
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