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Some suggestions off the top of my head for where some  #aquablue might end up

Warbasse ------->  #rally

Dunbar -------->  #trek

Denifl -------->  #bora

Blythe ------->  #didata

Cruel hat on.

I think #didata would do well to stop being a retirement home for has-been anglophones and their doms. He's a decent fellow but Blythe is no longer WT material and nowadays I doubt he's even a safe bet for PCT either. #onepro at best if they keep going or else #jlt.

Dunbar has talent but now needs a proper régime to develop it. #trek does look like a decent fit indeed to get him into the Classics. He won the U23 Ronde but he looks like a better fit for Brabantse Pijl, LBL, etc where they're still a bit short-handed. Risk with staying PCT is that he won't get the experience.

Warbasse I really don't see as WT or even PCT "over here" because like a lot of Americans he doesn't really fit into the deeper Euro team cultures but at the same time the teams that traditionally hire Americans can probably do better than him or else have enough already.
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