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If Nicki is presented as DS at any other team, we will know that Riis' ProConti plans have come to naught. If Nicki signs on with Bjarne, that could be a sign that maybe there is some substance in Riis' talk after all.

During and after the TDF there was a crazy amount of hype so I think it would be official by now if they have a chance. As I understand they need ten more sponsors who want to invest what WAOOOOO does to be on Gianni Savio style jerseys. I'm conflicted here because while a solid team is badly needed and any team with any management is better than no team I also want the most narcissistic man in the world gone forever.

Happily the Riwal project have applied for PCT with the stated ambition to give more riders chances although I'm not sure they have funds ready.

Neopros have two-year deals so they can bring their own salaries to a new team. Edward Dunbar will have no problems as an english-speaking person and was also pretty good in Tour de l'Avenir last week. Casper Pedersen has a good chance too I think as euro champion last year and an ok season with a fifth overall in Dunkerque and minor signs. His agents is the Corso company who can maybe find a place somewhere.
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