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Re: Stage 17: Bagneres-de-Luchon - Col du Portet
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:23 »
"Tomorrow is going to be the big day – or small day," - Tom Dumoulin  :X3

I'm starting to feel that much of how this Tour is remembered is going to hinge on Stage 17. If nothing interesting transpires for the GC contenders, than what will have been the point of this stage, and how forgettable might this edition of the Tour become, besides the possible unseating of Froome by one of his own?

The antics at the start line almost seems as if the designer doesn't understand how pro cycling actually works. I'm guessing that within five minutes—at the most—the peloton resembles what we'd expect to see if they'd just had a normal neutral zone run-in.

But it will be interesting to have all the action packed into just a little over two hours, if predictions are accurate.
Here's what Steephill is offering:

Stage 17 start time: Wednesday 15:15 CET (9:15:00 AM EDT)

Approximate finish: 17:32 CET (11:32:00 AM EDT)

As it stands now though, there are thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow, but only starting about 30 minutes before the anticipated end-time (if I'm interpreting this correctly). But the timing of that could obviously change quiet a bit between now and then. A little later, and no big deal.

A little earlier though... :o

I wonder if that might force the pace a bit, as teams try to stay ahead of the approaching storm.

Maybe that's what Dumoulin meant.
"Tomorrow is going to be the big day – or small day,"

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