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Re: Tour 2018: Stages 1-3 / Grand Départ
« on: July 08, 2018, 22:47 »
Avondetappe point the finger at Sagan for not only cutting up Degenkolb, but also initiating Impey's crash that took out Gaviria and the rest.
Seen in close up, he switches from the left side to the right to dive bomb into the corner and clips Impey, who then has nowhere to go, so hits Pasqualon's wheel.
I really enjoy Sagan, but I STILL think he caused last year's crash with Cav. He was moving to the right and closing Cav out. Sure Cav was moving up, but Sagan shut the door on him. I looked at the replay trying to see it differently, and just can't. I haven't seen today's stage yet, but if he caused this crash - well - he just needs to get his .... together and straighten that ..... out. Can't be having stuff like that.
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