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Re: Tour de France 2018: The Jersey Contenders
« on: June 27, 2018, 20:45 »
Bahrain has announced Nibali, no surprise there. The GT star who has been turning into a Classics man. I'll give him 4 stars, based on his past laurels and his 2016 Giro. I'm tempted to downgrade him to three, as he just hasn't been "there" in a couple of years for the GTs, other than that Giro. However, he went into that Giro seemingly having a bad year prior. Just like this year. And some stages of this Tour could be said to be designed for Nibali.

And Zakarin, a real dark horse, eh? One star? He DOES have Boswell on his team!

Oh, and it seems BMC have announced Porte will indeed do the Tour, another no-surpriser. Three stars? He would get 4, or even 4.5, if he had ever won a GT. But first he has to finish, just like Geraint Thomas.
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