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Re: Tour de France 2018: The Jersey Contenders
« on: July 02, 2018, 14:25 »
. . .

 This is how I currently view things.

I think you are splitting hairs. According to the definition provided, a test result that has a result is positive, but is not necessarily a doping infraction. And those two words are your critical difference. However, the lawyers could have fun with this definition, should they argue the case, due to the first sentence stating "does not necessarily imply a positive test". But the lawyers on the other side have plenty of ammunition, since that very SAME sentence then goes on to say "reflect a positive doping infraction". And the following paragraph continues that usage: "becomes a positive doping infraction[/i]", which rather cements things, I think.

That was a fun little bit of mental work to wake me up this summer morning!

Cheers and thanks! -- MG

doesnt matter - we finally have a decision

he is free to ride.

Another bit of bad optics, decision at the last minute. But, it's done. I'll bet plenty in the Clinic are moaning and b*tching this morning.
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