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Re: 2018 Tour de France CQ game
« on: July 07, 2018, 14:15 »
The main spends

The riders costing 800 points or more, and who has gone for them.

Valverde with Gaviria:   Koronin                  
Nibali with Quintana and Gaviria:   Fauniera                  
Nibali with Quintana:   Amis Velo                  
Bardet with Quintana and Gaviria:   Evans is the Best, Yellow Knight               
Bardet with Groenewegen:   GP Blanco                  
Roglic with Gaviria and Porte:    Salvarani                  
Groenewegen with Thomas and Porte:   Bikeracer33               
Groenewegen with Porte and Martin:   Googolplex               
Groenewegen with Quintana:   RattaKuningas                  
Thomas with Fuglsang, Gaviria and Porte:   SemirS                  
Thomas with Quintana and Porte:   Armchair Cyclist                  
Thomas with Porte:   AG                  
Yates with Quintana and Porte:   Blues in the Bottle, Minessa, Tigerion            
Yates with Quintana and Gaviria:    Sporting Nonsense                  
Yates with Quintana, Gaviria and Porte:   Mellow Velo                  
Yates with Gaviria, Porte and Martin:   Bicycle Boy                  
Yates with Quintana and Fuglsang:   Postmanhat                  
Quintana with Fuglsang, Gaviria, and Porte:   Rote Laterne                  
Quintana with Gaviria, Porte and Martin:   Comodoro, Gotland, Leadbelly, Search, Shalgo      
Quintana with Fuglsang and Porte:    Just Some Guy,  Nathanptz, TotalPackage            
Quintana with Gaviria and Porte:   Axl, Carlo Algatrensig               
Quintana with Porte and Martin:      Laarsland   , Los Brolin, The Pirate81, Vladimir   
Quintana with Porte:   Del1962, Hakkie2, Kazistuta, Ruvu75, SafeBet, Scrool07, Squire
Gaviria with Porte and Martin:   Bminchow                  
Gaviria with Porte:
  Josedin, North American Scum      

Maybe it is worth noting those who do not have Quintana and Porte:
no Quintana:   AG, Bminchow, Bicycle Boy, Bikeracer33, Googolplex, GP Blanco, Koronin, North American Scum, Salvarani, Josedin, SemirS
no Porte: Amis Velo, Evans is the Best, Fauniera, GP Blanco, Koronin, Postmanhat, RattaKuningas, Sporting Nonsense, Yellow Knight      

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