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[2.HC] Re: PostNord Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark
« on: August 08, 2018, 19:03 »
Watching the last stage on the road made me think... They do too many laps, I mean it is cool getting to see the riders a few times, but honestly after the first two times round. It got pretty dull until the last time really.

The wind on the final stage was amaizing though. I really liked how far out the race started, like 170km out, proving again why it is my favorite race.

I still miss the half stage and wish it would come back. I know TV is an issue, but I think I would prefer a half stage and then only fixed cameras for the ITT. I mean it is hard to tell what is fast anyways with nothing to put it in perspective. Rather have fixed cameras, a studio with talk, and lots of times on the screen tbh.

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