Shall we continue the VR tradition of doing individual stage previews for the GTs?

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A question. Do we continue to do race previews?
« on: August 02, 2018, 23:54 »
The Giro and Le Tour are done. The trophies are collecting dust already (the cleaning lady will be by on Wednesday).

It's time to turn our thoughts to La Vuelta, and the Tour of Utah. But I have a question. Do we have enough desire and energy, as a group, to keep doing the GT previews? It took some effort on my part to make the Tour previews happen this year, and I'm not even one of the go-to people for that. It just needed doing, and nobody was doing it, so I did it. I did need to spend a little energy finding others to help do stages. You could say there was a certain lack of enthusiasm. It took enough energy to make it happen that I think we need to ask ourselves if we want to continue this tradition. After all, there are lots of other people out there putting out good stage previews for the big GTs.

Let's start with a simple yes/no question. We can add or refine the question based on input. AND, BTW - I seem to have lost the ability to make this a poll - which I meant to do. So, I may have to come back and fix that.
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    I havent voted.

    I do love reading the previews, seeing what other people think and their views ...

    but it does take a lot of effort, so if we as a community dont have the time ... a basic thread with the map, profile and general info with then a link to a site with previews is plenty.  It doesnt have to be something that takes a long time.
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     In other places, for most races, stage preview threads run with a spoiler and are used for race chat.
    Here, we have race chat, which tends to negate much of the traffic that would otherwise end up in the stage threads.
    As you know, I did a number of the Giro stage threads here, but I did them all, in detail, elsewhere.
    These were also used each day, for race chat, so it was worth it. I did the same for the Tour.

     I will happily add some of these, come the Vuelta. Try not to leave all the dregs. :D

     More worrying for me is the apparent drop off in general posting on this sight.
    Traffic seems to have become extremely light of late.
    Of course, I am a guilty party as far as that goes and gave my reasons earlier in the week.
    However, I've also noticed that the focus and general tone of the forum seems to have shifted.
    In short, it doesn't feel quite like the Velorooms of old.
    Maybe others have had similar thoughts, or perhaps just moved on? I know not.
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    The stage previews are usually very good and much appreciated.  But because the thread is not followed up, they are rather like paintings hung in a locked room: seen once, they are not inviting for further viewings.

    I have said it before, but I really don't understand the antipathy here for in-race conversation on the message board.  The chat pages are very difficult to come to late (as they scroll up every time someone comments), and unsuited for reference after the race, as it is then an abandoned space.

    Best way to value the previews is to make them part of an active thread.
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  • t-72

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    Personally I write previews .... because it is fun, and for the last two or three years, I post them only here on velorooms. Previously I also wrote some for a norwegian-language forum but a lack of quality posts in feedback there + some forum members that hated each other all over the internet poisoned the atmosphere there.

    My involvment in these activities is strictly amateur and how much I do will vary over time as a function of workload and other activities, weather etc. For the Tour de France - it falls at a time of year when I am usually on vacation, at least for the final two weeks. I just don't prioritize it at that time of year, and typically I am more into the first week stages than the mountains because of, yeah, I literally go fishing and then I am totally gone fishing!

    I appreciate the forum and the stage threads more than the live chat in the race rooms, because I struggle to split attention between the small and the big screen and because I very often watch races recorded rather than live due to work hours.

    I appreciate the work by other forum members in putting up stage threads and other contributions that you make. Please keep it up!

    However, as there is less attendance in general, does it make sense to keep both the live chat rooms and the forum ?  (In other words, I think I agree quite a lot with what Armchair cyclist post above stated....just took me some lines to get around to it - vacation brain  :angel )
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    I wasn't around for the Tour but when I do write previews, I rarely stick to the topic, and I really like that nobody seems to mind. Hopefully that isn't just because nobody reads them!  :lol

    It's difficult because nobody should feel under pressure to do them but in stage races it's hard when there are gaps. Perhaps in that case we should just have a thread for "all other stages" at the risk of it looking a bit hard to read.

    What I think doesn't particularly matter is that they're consigned to history and that's that. I don't mind that at all. It's fun to read everyone's output when it matters, which is right before, during or just after the day. And there are always some really nice ones.
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    I voted "yes". It's always a nice read and also interesting doing them. But it's time consuming and especially during the Tour and also Vuelta some are on vacation and therefore not interested in writing previews.
    But nobody should be pressured to assure we have a full 21 stages preview. If there are some stages missing, so what?
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      I did the same for the Tour.

    And they are much appreciated by those of us who read them. Excellent work, thankyou
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  • M Gee

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    I havent voted.

    I do love reading the previews, seeing what other people think and their views ...

    but it does take a lot of effort, so if we as a community dont have the time ... a basic thread with the map, profile and general info with then a link to a site with previews is plenty.  It doesnt have to be something that takes a long time.

    I haven't voted yet, either. I think your idea is a winner. "One Ring to bind them all . . ."

    JSG and other have done something like that before - a single post with a bunch of mini-previews. I think the best part of your idea is the
    then a link to a site with previews  . . .
    . E.g. for Le Tour, that link could be to, which is the best source of route maps and profiles anyway. And Leadbelly just put up a very nice example for Tour of Utah - and he links back to the TOU site.

    The csv table list of stages for the GT's is easy enough - just copy an old one and update as necessary. Time-consuming, but easy.

    Maybe sometime during La Vuelta I'll put together a "guideline" post that will encompass a consensus from here. And maybe if JSG, Dim, Lukas, and AG like it, and think it useful, it'll be made a sticky as a reference.
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