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Re: [2.HC] Colorado Classic
« Reply #30 on: August 20, 2018, 01:21 »
— Stage 4 —

An eight-lap 14.6 km circuit (115.9km) saw some fast speeds and aggressive riding to wrap-up this Four-Stage race.

Wasting no time at all, Gage Hecht  #aevolo attacked right from the start which lit the fuse for Taylor Phinney's  #efd day-long efforts to animate this sprint stage, as he, too, sprung into action. Phinney was quickly joined by James Piccoli  #elevate, and the duo established a modest break in the first lap. Speeds were averaging 50kph for the first 20 minutes.

UnitedHealthCare  #uhc was conspicuously keeping a close eye on things, though, never giving the breaks too much of a leash.

With the points classification still being contested, the three intermediate sprints meant some serious racing was still left to be had on this final stage. The first sprint went to (1) Phinney, (2) Piccoli and (3) Joe Lewis  #holowesko who was leading the scoring.

Another four-man break containing Taylor Phinney soon formed, and quickly gained 30 seconds on the field. After opening the gap to almost 60 seconds though, UHC started to reel them back in.

With three laps to go, Gage Hecht once again asserted himself, hoping to make up for the one point deficit in the points competition that he began the day with. But as he took two other riders with him up to the break, the distance to the peloton was already closing. But no sooner did Taylor Phinney and James Piccoli accelerate away again. Even though they were quickly brought back, Phinney stubbornly launched himself one more time. Closing in on the final two laps, speeds were at 54kph.

At the third and final intermediate sprint, it was Damien Howson  #mitchelton first across the line, but second place was a hotly contested photo finish between (2) Gage Hecht and (3) Joe Lewis. Howson's effort put him into 4th place ahead of Joe Dombrowski in the GC, while Hecht remained one point behind Lewis in that competition.

20-year-old Nickolas Zukowsky  #silber was next to launch a final solo attack for camera time with two laps to go.
With 5km remaining, Jelly Belly made themselves known at the front, but with little impact on what was to come.

With finish-line in sight, Travis McCabe was perfectly positioned in the fifth spot and, once again, proved to be just too strong as his impressively overtook his rivals to seal another stage win (after his recent success in Utah) ahead of (2) Ty Magner  #rally and (3) Joe Lewis  #holowesko

All this while teammate Gavin Mannion #uhc secured the overall GC ahead of teammate (2) Serhei Tvetcov and (3) Hugh Carthy #efd

Joe Lewis' 3rd place on the stage netted him a nice extra 12 points, securing his dominance of the Points Competition ahead of McCabe and Hecht, respectively.

Taylor Phinney's efforts saw him awarded with The Most Aggressive Rider for the stage.
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    Re: [2.HC] Colorado Classic
    « Reply #31 on: August 20, 2018, 02:39 »
    Face Palme d'Or. :D
    . . .
    Yes indeed, I need to get out more.

    Oh, yeah. Do we have some sharp edges today. O my yes.

    Lovin' it, y'all! Just glad I'm not in the way!

    But Face Palme d'Or - classic, totally classic. I'm sure I'll find an opportunity to use it!

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    Re: [2.HC] Colorado Classic
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    Some points of interest as an epilogue to this race:

    This was 39-year-olds Danny Pate's final race as a professional after 19 years. TBH, I had no idea he was still racing until watching this event.
    After winning the US junior cyclo-cross title in 1997 and the U23 road race championship in 1998, Pate signed Saeco as a spry 20-year-old, returning to the US the following year with Prime Alliance and then going on to win the U23 World Championship time trial in 2001.
    He would go on to race with TIAA-CREF, Garmin, HTC-Highroad, Sky and eventually Rally.

    UHC  #uhc did quite well for themselves at this year's Colorado Classic.
    Gavin Mannion took the overall, with teammate Serghei Tvetcov in 2nd on GC.
    They took the Teams completion.
    Travis McCabe won the final sprint.

    The UHC Women took 1st and 2nd place overall with Katherine Hall winning the GC, and 2nd place Leah Thomas also winning Queen of the Mountains.

    During the live commentary, Paul Sherwen mentioned a conversation he'd had with  #aevolo Aevolo team director Michael Creed. Answering a question posed earlier in this thread, he said that Creed came up with the team name when he was pressed for time to register the team with the UCI. It was off-the-top-of-his-head, and he just liked the way it sounded. Nothing too deep or cryptic, apparently.

    No time for leading lights, but I'm going for a Tvetcov overall win.
    Not bad, Leadbelly! Only one place, and 15 seconds off in your prognostication.  :cool

    As mentioned upthread by Leadbelly, not one member of  #teamrw Team Rwanda made it to Stage 4 of this race, mostly due to circumstances beyond their control.  :(
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    Re: [2.HC] Colorado Classic
    « Reply #33 on: August 20, 2018, 05:28 »
    Taylor Phinney's efforts saw him awarded with The Most Aggressive Rider for the stage.

    This did make me laugh a bit as after Villalobos and Anderson had bridged over to make it a 4 man break, Phinney hardly did a turn and just sat on the back of the quartet.

    Okay, I didn't see what happened in the last 30-40km, but the energy saved there probably enabled him to do those attacks later on.
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