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Re: Arctic Race of Norway
« on: August 15, 2018, 20:18 »
So the talk at the end of last year was about how UNO-X were on an upwards trajectory.
Obviously with them being a "development" team you could say it is difficult to analyse their performance over just one year, but what in your opinion t-72 is the local pecking order?

I can try to characterize what is going on: The Bergen (and before that Hafjell) UCI World Championship was great fun, but a sports finance scandal and the Norges Cycle Forbund is ... pretty much bankrupt :( As the NCF primarily runs the national teams and that includes juniors and U-23, this age bracket was very vulnerable after the Bergen World Championships. Exit sucesful Norway national coach Stig Kristiansen --> Dimension data.
Among the directly affected from the Bergen World Championships bankruptcy was Interspons, parent company for both Tour of Norway and Team Joker - Icopal. They lost a lot of money and their operations suffer from it. It is not clear to me if that was the direct reason for den Ouidenhove's  exit or if it was the offer from Dimension Data. In other words, the remaining chief responsibles for the Norwegian succesful junior and U23 squads are now both with Dimension Data. Money (both where there's none any more and where there is some more) must be part of the explanation, cause they didn't do a bad job (2x U23 worlds, good results at Avenir and Aosta, + several classics).

The Bergen world championship became a turning point, development of cycling in Norway will struggle for several years to get rid of its financial shadow :( - after so many years of good progress, it is lamentable the way things turned out.

In this situation, one sponsor stepped up as something quite close to rich uncle[1]:  Uno-X!
Basically Uno-X has footed the bill for everything that is going on except Team Joker and Team COOP. That includes all national teams, #unox UNO-X Hydrogen development team, and also the resurfaced Team Ringerikskraft U23 (one more team out of the same clubs  :S ) I think everyone a little interested in Norwegian cycling are very thankful for this.

Now, the #unox team itself: they have labeled themselves a development team and if you look at the riders listed for this race, they need to develop and they will probably measure themselves on how they develop and not the results they get directly. It is not the team's best riders, but they are on their way.

Speaking of development - in this race we will see the first "delivery" from #unox development as Anders Skaarseth will be racing for #cofidis Cofidis now. A good allrounder and a team member more than a captain perhaps.
Meanwhile, the best #unox team will ride Tour de'l Avenir (with on #coop and one #joker rider, as team *no - on a parcours that fits Tobias Foss better and that is  perhaps the team's primary objective this year.

In terms of pecking order, I think that will be #coop, #joker, #unox for this race. #coop has their best riders, whereas the two other teams miss theirs due to Tour de'l Avenir.
 1. not to say rich father
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