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Re: Arctic Race of Norway
« on: August 18, 2018, 20:35 »
Today's stage ran almost as predicted, break established early, smooth riding (fast, but not crazy speed) all the way to Hammerfest and the final laps on a local circuit there, featuring a couple of hard climbs and some narrow cyclepaths, quite similar to the Kirkenes finish - but a bit harder. I think I also wrote that this would be a GC stage, but I didn't extrapolate from there to "if there are no GC riders up ahead, Astana will be perfectly happy to let the break go in" and it seems the other GC teams also waited to long to realize they had been tricked.

These twisty, turny, technical and hilly finishes appears to be exactly the reason why the #corendon Corendon road team exists. From the break #corendon Adam Toupalik was in total control, looking back to see if kapteijn van der Poel was on the way up both at the bottom of the final climb and at the top, before he rolled over the line in 1st position.
Van der Poel finished second, but if Toupalik had waited - it would have been a close race and they might actually  have lost it, so it would be unfair to blame Toupalik for lack of loyalty even if the results look a bit strange.

A visibly tired #astana Chernetski was given an armchair ride by his team and he returned the favor by taking the last bonus seconds and blocking #joker Hoelgaard who may be his main challenger. The time gaps are  still small, and tomorrows stage will be a thriller.

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