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Re: 2018 Vuelta CQ Game
« on: August 24, 2018, 11:28 »
With about 30 hours left before the start, and 22 teams in so far, some data.

56 riders have been selected, 27 of them unique picks.  The most popular pick is on 14 teams, 6 others are on 9-11 teams, but those most popular 7 would put a team over budget.

I have worked out a most popular (so far) team that is within budget: the team with the highest popularity score has 89% of that, the lowest is 31%.  Two teams have half their riders as unique picks.

17 of the selected riders cost less than 100 points, and are probably considered makeweights of whom little is expected.  But one of them has been chosen 7 times, and another 5, so there might be a little more hope invested there.

8 different riders have been selected as their team's biggest spend (and one rider more expensive than three of these has been chosen, but not as his team's "leader") 
If we take 700 points as the threshhold for an expensive pick (because it includes all of the top picks for each team, and there is a big jump in price between the 24th and 25th most expensive riders), then one team has managed to accommodate 3 such riders, 10 teams have 2, and half the entries so far have spent big just once.

Those who have not entered yet, don't forget.
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