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Re: 2018 Vuelta CQ Game
« on: August 26, 2018, 12:57 »
Stage 1 Short time trial

Green points
For those who are new to these games, or who have short memories for such details, an explanation of how the points here are calculated.
For each stage, the top ten receive points in the distribution 70, 40, 25, 15, 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1.  There are also 18 points to the man who will wear the winners jersey the next day.  Points won in this way cannot be lost, even if the rider doesn't finish the Vuelta.  In the initial GT games, run by CQManager, if I remember correctly, these were the only scores reported until we got to the end of the race, so I have kept the tradition of having these guaranteed points as a minor category.  Some team selections that are sprinter/puncheur heavy seem to be created with this as a specific goal (waves at LightBing)

So here is how that applies to the stage 1 results:
DENNIS Rohan   88   1 team  (That includes the 18 points for being top of GC)
KWIATKOWSKI Michal   40   0 team
CAMPENAERTS Victor   25   1 team
OLIVEIRA Nelson Filipe Santos Simoes   15   0 team
VAN BAARLE Dylan   10   0 team
DE MARCHI Alessandro   7   2 teams
CASTROVIEJO NICOLAS Jonathan   5   0 team
GESCHKE Simon   3   0 team
IZAGIRRE INSAUSTI Ion   2   1 team
KELDERMAN Wilco   1   3 teams

and not many of those riders gain points for the teams in this game, but at least we have an initial leaders table:

1   Yellow_Knight   88
2   MidnightFright   25
3=   GPBlanco, Koronin   7
5   Josedin   2
6=   Gotland, Mellow_Velo, Minessa   1
9=   Everyone else   0

Red points

CQ points are not only for the stages: far more of them are for the final GC standings.  The top 10 in GC get 500, 375, 315, 265, 240, 215, 190, 165, 150, 135 and so on, with declining points, down to 16 points for 50th place, and 15 for every finisher.
The top ten in the final points and mountains classifications also get points equivalent to a stage. 

Of course, riders only get those points upon completing the race, but tables here that ignore them would be ignoring the majority of points that will be given, and a false impression of the standings would be given.  So I give the points everyday to all the teams as though the current GC/points/mountains standings were final.  This is very unreliable at the beginning of the race, just as no-one looks at the current GC table and considers it a likely outcome in 3 weeks time.  But once we have had a couple of mountain shakedowns, then it becomes something that is changed mainly by the exploits or misfortunes of individual riders.

So, unreliable as it may be, here is the Red Jersey table (no mountain category points yet, after a flat timetrial) of the points your riders would get if the rest of the Vuelta were to be cancelled (well, the guys at CQ would probably downgrade the points if it were to happen, but...)

Rohan Dennis is on 658 points (70 for the stage win, 500 for leading GC, 70 for top of the points category, and 18 for a day in red), but even Oscar Cabedo, last on the stage and in the GC, gets 15 points for his two managers.

1   Yellow_Knight   819
2   MidnightFright   501
3   GPBlanco   484
4   Koronin   414
5   Minessa   343
6   Nathanptz   320
7   Hakkie2   319
8   Gotland   305
9   Josedin   303
10   Paniou   269
11   Mellow_Velo   267
12   AmisVelo   239
12   Rote_Laterne   239
14   Carlo_Algatrensig   237
15   Laarsland   219
15   Vladimir   219
17   TotalPackage   217
18   LosBrolin   215
19   Salvarani   196
20   Axl   191
21   Armchair_Cyclist   190
21   BluesInTheBottle   190
23   NorthAmericanScum   178
24   Del1962   176
24   Shalgo   176
26   Akuryo   170
27   BicycleBoy   156
27   Leadbelly   156
29   SemirS   153
30   BikeRacer33   152
30   Crevaison   152
32   Bminchow   145
33   Scrool07   141
34   LightBing   137
35   Search   131
35   Squire   131
   Collective_Wisdom   176

I would suggest that Yellow Knight's selection of Rohan Dennis was perhaps more aimed towards the transient glory of temporarily leading on day one rather than the likelihood of him featuring high in GC at the end of the race.  And if that is the case, mission accomplished.

A different set of riders to feature in the green points today, and at least some change in the GC standings, and a few points in the mountains category too, so at least some change to come.

All the numbers are in the spreadsheet, which is available for all at Dropbox: I won't bother posting the link every day, but it will stay at the same place, updated at about the time I do the post.
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