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Salamanca >  Bermillo de Sayago 04/09/2018 - Stage 10 - 177 km

 Potentially, a second consecutive rest day, as the race re-starts with some of the least inspired parcour in the entire race.
University town Salamanca holds the start to the 10th stage in La Vuelta a España.

At 177 kilometres, the route navigates towards the Portuguese border. In Bermillo de Sayago a bunch sprint is the most likely outcome.
 The route navigates the plateaus of northwestern Spain and, for Vuelta standards, the course is rather straightforward. The riders are racing around an altitude of approximately 800 metres for most of the time.

Departure place Salamanca is defined by its university, which dates back to 1218 and is the third-oldest in Europe. Firstly, the route takes the riders on a loop to the east and at kilometre 48 they once again move through Salamanca. The course parallels the south side of the River Tormes to the Portuguese border. A large part of the race runs along the reservoir behind the Almendra Dam, that backs up 2.5 billion cubic metres of water and several drowned villages.

At kilometre 135 the route drops down from 800 metres to 410 metres. The riders cross the Tormes Rivier before they have to go back up again, first with a 4,9 kilometres climb at 5.3%. Following a flat and a drop – both short – the ascent continues and after 7 kilometres at 2.2% the Alto la Venta de los Arribes is crested.
No descent at the top, the route is back at its regular altitude – 800 metres above sea level. Still around 20 kilometres to go in northeasterly direction before a likely sprint showdown in Bermillo de Sayago.

Video of the final 5kms.

Finish details.

Favourites 10th stage 2018 Vuelta a España

:*:*:*:*:*  Elia Viviani
:*:*:*:* Peter Sagan, Danny van Poppel, Nacer Bouhanni,
:*:*:* Matteo Trentin, Giacomo Nizzolo, Simone Consonni
:*:*  Max Walscheid
:* Ryan Gibbons, Tosh Van der Sande, Michael Schwarzmann
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    This is the strangest profile ever.
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    Hoping they also get a respite from the heat.
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    Plain sailing with light winds = finally the quintessential Vuelta Transportaciones S.A. stage  :cool

    Depending on how you see it, the outcome today was quite predictable or Mellow Velo is the cycling guru  :S

    Favourites 10th stage 2018 Vuelta a España

    :*:*:*:*:*  Elia Viviani
    :*:*:*:* Peter Sagan, Danny van Poppel, Nacer Bouhanni,
    :*:*:* Matteo Trentin, Giacomo Nizzolo, Simone Consonni
    :*:*  Max Walscheid
    :* Ryan Gibbons, Tosh Van der Sande, Michael Schwarzmann

    Dude, you struggle with those 4th place finishers.....

    Officially submitted as "Race Results Prediction of the Year 2018" nominee  :cool
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    What happened to Petilli? That looked bad... :(
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    What happened to Petilli? That looked bad... :(

    no idea how it happened, UAE reports a concussion, a cut at the left eyebrow arch and some broken teeth. The way I understood it, he was allowed to leave the hospital yesterday evening already.

    In case anyone was wondering about all the punctures in the end yesterday: according to As they were caused by caltrops growing next to the road


    The situation that occurred in the absence of about 15 km for the goal of Bermillo de Sayago in the 10th stage of the Vuelta was very rare. Many cyclists, several of those placed in the top positions of the general, suffered punctures during a very specific stretch: Nairo Quintana, the leader Simon Yates (twice), Wilko Kelderman (two others), Igor Antón, Nelson Oliveira ... " At first there was an alarm in the squad, it was thought that they had thrown something or something, but then they explained that they could be caltrops, "he explained to As Imanol Erviti, one of those who had to work at Movistar to rejoin Nairo to the platoon.

    The thorns are a plant that gives off balls with thorns. Some mechanics of the affected equipment, like the Sky (Tao Geoghegan also suffered a blowout), had planned to analyze the punctured wheels because it seemed strange to them that it was due to a plant, although they did not see anything like nails or thumbtacks on the route ... "No It seemed like nothing like that, "said one mechanic from another of the teams that suffered the" plague ", the Mitchelton.

    And the cyclists in the area were quite sure that thistles had been the cause, and not a kind of sabotage. But why in such a specific area? "Maybe because there was wind and could drag more to the road," had a local cyclist. Many assured that it is normal in these roads to click for this reason.
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