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Re: Turul României
« on: September 19, 2018, 14:09 »
You know, when I was working in Russia, the soviet era architectures were quite obvious. Little was left of pre-20th century stuff, with the exception of St. Petersburg[1]. By comparison, Romania should have more visible history in the architecture and the old towns, as it had more of all that going into the 20th century. But it was also an economic armpit of the soviet era, and hasn't been noted for a sparkling post-soviet recovery. At least, not when viewing from afar!

How is the view on the ground? Does the economy show promise and growth, such as we see in Slovenia and Slovakia? Or is it in the doldrums, like Moldova?
 1. And St Petersburg is not really a very good example of old architecture and history. It's just the best in Russia.
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