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It's in inches, but here is a quote from John Howard:

That's 12.3952 meters per wheel revolution. A 52x11 gearing, with a 700x28 tire would be approximately 9.34 meters. So it's not all THAT different. Somebody calculate the cadence she needed, wouldya?[2]
 1. from Bicycling
 2. I've got to get working!

Your calc is right for the standard bike, but a bit off for her gearing ...

There are roughly 3.28 ft in 1 metre ... so 128 ft is approximately 39 metres per pedal rev - or about 4.2 standard bike wheel turns!!!   :o :o :o :o :o

(I think that you may have used the sq ft to sq m conversion - as that's approximately 10:1.   :)  )

Again converting to metrics (as I have no clue on how many feet in a mile!), I'd calculate her cadence along the lines of:
speed = 184 mph *1.6 = 294.4 km/h = 4900 m/min
cadence = 4900/39 = 125 rpm!!!

That's at odds with the article ... so likely some roundings in the article for speed or the gearing is actually a bit different ... as the maths is pretty simple (but, please, someone check it ... it's end of day after a long week here - and I've spent part of my rostered day off on work, so may well be making mistakes ...!)

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