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Let's make this much simpler:

Her cadence was 96 rpm.

You're right, we should make it simpler ...

From the Wired article:

Then Mueller-Korenek will release the tether, and Holbrook will accelerate to around 130 or 140 mph, monitoring Mueller-Korenek’s nonverbal communications via a camera: nods to accelerate, head shakes to back off. A color-coded series of lights on the back of the dragster will show Mueller-Korenek how far they’ve gone, and how much track is left.

To secure the record, Mueller-Korenek—now pedaling around 110 rpm—will have to hold 168 mph between mile markers 4 and 5, where the timing traps measure her average speed. As Holbrook accelerates, the cyclist will push 700 watts for more than a minute to stay inside the draft pocket behind the dragster’s fairing. That’s about what a Tour de France sprinter produces in the final minute of a stage.

So, subject to M Gee setting her speed at 200mph/320km/h, looks like our calcs aren't so stupid as you're trying to make out. Also matches the count that I got for minutes 2 -3 in the video of about 105 ... which I admit was a bit hairy, since she wasn't riding a completely consistent cadence ...
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