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So, subject to M Gee setting her speed at 200mph/320km/h, looks like our calcs aren't so stupid as you're trying to make out. Also matches the count that I got for minutes 2 -3 in the video of about 105 ... which I admit was a bit hairy, since she wasn't riding a completely consistent cadence ...

The 200 mph / 322 kph was postulation! But then I went and used the 320 in my calcs. No gold stars for me. :(

184 mph = 296.119 kph, so that nets a required cadence of 126.55. Which fits with the Wired description (@ 168 mph cadence was 110). And is closer to DB's count!  :nosebleed

And kudos to you both for going to the trouble of trying to count cadence from the video!

You know, when I read that Wired article, I totally missed that paragraph - I didn't see the wattage calculation at all. That does put it into perspective tho!

I'll go see if her website has an contact info, and I'll send an email, if I can, ask her about this.

Edit: Facebook page has the same vid, but more info.

THIS vid:

  is very informative. It shows the John Howard attempt, so we know this guy (Howard) knows what he's talking about. It shows the Rompelberg accident and later successful attempt. Rompelberg was Dutch, not French, btw. The accident footage is informative, too. He just somehow manages to move out of the slipstream, and gets literally blown away. I'm pretty sure, from looking at the footage, the at least one of the leg fractures was complex (displacement occurred). Quite probably more were, but we can't see them. Project Speed has an email - I'll send them a note.
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