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. . . something like this video, I always double-check my intuition with facts. How? Simple: a tap-tempo metronome. I don’t have to actually “calculate” anything. . . .

So, now that I’ve got my pointless resume out of the way, let’s move onto the numbers, shall we? . . .

Not pointless at all! Loved it! Well done! Actually, sorry it took the fun out for you, as you just made the whole thread MORE fun, afaic! I think I may have read in some thread somewhere, sometime, that you actually play drums, but it didn't stick in my memory - so the "resume" was quite beneficial.

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Before I launch into my intended post, I will say that it is a bit disappointing that much of the info being discussed hasn't been made more readily available by the people behind this project. I mean, the whole thing really does come down to the numbers, and clearly they put a tremendous amount of science into this.

So why not have more on-screen real-time info? And for that matter, why only one camera on the car and apparently nothing on the bike or helmet for a different perspective on the experience? This kind of endeavor would seem to beg for such documentation.  . . .

I wrote them an email, and mentioned those very thoughts, as I thought this was an excellent idea. If they want to, I'm sure they could get a video editor to add a speedo and a cadence meter display to the video.
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