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Now @2:30 there is a brief period where her cadence does reach a top speed of 99 rpm, but that lasts less than 10 seconds, and that is as fast as she’s ever pedaling in that video. Period.

Ok, so lets give you the benefit of the doubt and say that she maxs out at 99 rpm.

Let's also say that John Howard is right when he says that each pedal rev moves her 128 - 130 ft per pedal stroke. (Let's average to 129 ft - for maths simplicity.)

Now, if my googling is correct, there are 5280 ft in a mile - right? (Apologies, I was born in a metric environment - so have no ideas of things like that ...)

That means that, if you are right, she is covering 99 x 129ft per minute - which is 12771 ft - which is the same as 2.42 miles.

If we convert that to miles per hour, we get 145 mph ...

Which is 39mph less than she has been recorded as travelling ... and, by your reckoning, she only hit that for 10 seconds, whereas the record is for her average speed over those couple of miles ...

So, please help me understand how that can be (the maths is dead simple - so I know that it's not a problem there) - and help me account for the "missing" 39 mph ...

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